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Human Resources

The following are Top Education Institute's policies and procedures relating to TOP's academic, management and professional staff performance and recruiting. Please click HERE to jump to related forms.

Academic Promotions Policy (PDF)

Academic Qualifications and Equivalent Professional Experience Policy (PDF) 

Academic Selection Committees Guidelines (PDF)

Adjunct Appointments Policy (~~~DocAnnotation.type.301~~~)

Associate Lecturer Position Description (PDF)

Associate Professor Position Description (PDF)

Code of Conduct for Staff (PDF)

Complaints Processes (PDF)

Conflict of Interest Policy and Declaration - issues 04-09-2013 (PDF)

Contemporary Recruitment Practices (PDF)

Critical Incident Policy (PDF)

Employee Handbook (PDF)

Employee Induction Procedure (PDF)

Equal Employment Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (PDF)

External Work Policy (PDF)

Lecturer Position Description (PDF)

Probation for Academic and Professional Staff Policy (PDF)

Professional and Academic Staff Performance Review Policy and Procedures (PDF)

Professor Position Description (PDF)

Promotion Policy Guidelines (PDF)

Senior Lecturer Position Description (PDF)

Senior Academic Appointments Policy (PDF)

Setting Up a Workstation (WHS) (PDF)

Staff Recruitment Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Working From Home Policy (PDF)

Workplace Heath and Safety Policy (PDF)



Adjunct - Visiting Academic Form - 15-08-2016 (PDF)

Complaints Form (PDF)