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Policy Register

The following are Top Education Institute's policies and procedures relating to TOP's qualifications, quality assurance and awards. Please click HERE to jump to related forms.

Academic Freedom Policy (PDF)

Academic Intellectual Property Policy (PDF)

Academic Programs and Course Development Policy (PDF)

Academic Qualifications and Equivalent Professional Experience Policy (PDF)

Academic Quality Assurance Framework (PDF)

Access and Equity Policy (PDF)

Assessment Appeals and Procedure - Coursework (PDF)

Assessment Policy and Procedure - Coursework (PDF)

Authorship and Access to Research Output Policy (PDF)

Code of Conduct for Staff (PDF)

Code of Conduct for Research (PDF)

Commendations and Action Plans (PDF)

Conferring Posthumous Awards Policy (PDF)

Conflict of Interest Policy and Declaration - issued 04-09-2013 (PDF)

Copyright Guidelines (PDF)

Course and Unit Review Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Course Experience Survey (PDF)

Delegation Policy (PDF)

Employee Handbook (PDF)

Facilities Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Gifts Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Information Literacy Policy (PDF)

Institutional Review Framework (PDF)

Moderation Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Observation of Teaching and Learning (PDF)

Observation of Teaching and Learning - Checklist (PDF)

Policy on Lecture Cancellations and Rescheduling (PDF)

Policy for Determining Research Active Staff (PDF)

Privacy Policy (PDF)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy (PDF)

Record and Data Management Policy (PDF)

Refund Policy (PDF)

Research Higher Degree Confirmation of Candidature and Progression Review Policy (PDF)

Research Higher Degree Registration and Roles of Supervisors Policy (PDF)

Research Higher Degree Assessment and Appeals Policy (PDF)

Research Support Guidelines (PDF)

Research Ethics Policy (PDF)

Research Higher Degree Admissions and Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) Policy (PDF)

Research Materials and Data Ownership, Storage, Retention and Disposal Policy (PDF)

Staff Student Relationships Policy (PDF)

Systems and Software Installation Policy (PDF)

Terms of Reference of the HDRSC (PDF)

Transition or Teaching Out (PDF)

Travel Policy for TOP Education (PDF)

Working From Home Policy (PDF)

Workplace Grievance Policy (PDF)



Application for RPL Form (PDF)

Request for Special Consideration Form (PDF)

Statement of Authorship Form (PDF)

TOP Cancellation/Withdrawal Program Form (PDF)

TOP Change Program Form (PDF)

TOP Deferment Form (PDF)