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Internship Program


A Bachelor of Law Prepares Graduates to Enter the Workforce

The Sydney City School of Law is dedicated to preparing students for employment and real-world application of skills. Our professors have significant practical experience, and place a premium on relating what students learn in the classroom to the practice of law in its many contexts.

Our internship program is the ideal entry point for graduates

We know that a key concern for our students is their career prospects following graduation. For this reason, we encourage and work with our students to commence their career planning and preparation from the very beginning of their studies. While it is true that traditional law jobs are more competitive than ever, the profession is undergoing, and will continue to undergo major changes in the years ahead. We are committed to making our students aware of, and prepared for this changing environment. We will work with them to develop the skills set that will make them competitive in this new 21st century Digital Age legal environment. Our location in the Australian Technology Park provides a rich and stimulating environment to make this happen.

Our Internship Program is coordinated by a key member of staff, devoted to arranging placements with law firms, technology companies, businesses, government agencies and other entities, giving students the opportunity to apply their newly learnt skills to a range of professional environments.

Students graduating with a Sydney City Law Degree and seeking to become a practicing lawyer are on track to embark on the next steps of undertaking an approved Practical Legal Training (PLT) before applying for admission to practice.

A rewarding career in a range of fields with our Bachelor of Law

Graduates will also be able to deploy the valuable research, analytical, communication and negotiation skills gained throughout their study to a host of other careers. A law degree is one of the best preparations for many roles in an increasingly complex society, including jobs of the future yet to be created.

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For further information, contact us on (02) 9209 4887 and we will be happy to discuss our Bachelor of Law graduate entry requirements. You can also send enquiries via email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.