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Graduation Ceremony 2018
TOP held its graduation ceremony on Aug 31, 2018
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Open Day 2018
Open Day 2018 - Visit our evolving campus at the Australian Technology Park. Meet our teachers and discover your study options for 2018!
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Orientation Day Semester 2 2018
Orientation Day for Semester 2
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Listing Celebration Dinner
Listing Celebration Dinner
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Welcoming Professor John Jenkins
20 Nov 2018
Top Education Institute is proud to announce that Professor John Jenkins has joined the Institute from 12 November 2018.
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Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: A Winning Combination
14 Nov 2018
Dr Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka won the best paper award at the 9th annual George Washington University October 23-24, Conference titled, “Entrepreneurship ...
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Brian Gibson Scholarship Awardee
13 Nov 2018
Teresa Corsalini has been awarded the Brian Gibson Scholarship for undertaking her Masters degree in Business Research.
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Overseas Qualified Lawyers. How to be a lawyer in NSW, Australia
11 Jul 2018
If you are admitted to the legal profession in an overseas jurisdiction (other than New Zealand) you must apply to the Legal Profession Admission Boar ...
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Top Education Institute included in the “10 Best Institutions for Higher Education in Australia
25 Jun 2018
TOP serves as a niche, private higher education provider specialising in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business and law.
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How to prepare for 2018 as a student
2 Feb 2018
A new year and a new beginning. Take a look back at 2017. Did you finish your to-do list? It doesn’t matter if you didn’t complete everything, we can ...
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Higher Education Trends and Australian Models and Frameworks
9 Jan 2018
The internationalisation of education is increasing in significance with a range of social and economic trends driving the knowledge economy.
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