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How to prepare for 2018 as a student


A new year and a new beginning. Take a look back at 2017. Did you finish your to-do list?

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t complete everything, we can now focus on 2018. Try to have everything planned and scheduled so that your dream will be right around the corner. Writing to-do lists can help make your life more structured and meaningful. Keep moving forward one small step at a time, and slowly you will see a giant leap of development. With 2018 on the way, as a student, how are you going to spend these 365 days?

People usually say: “It’s hard to get a job in Australia!” We cannot change the challenge of finding a job in Australia, but we can improve our competitiveness to smooth out the path of the job search. Only STUDY won’t betray you. How about considering setting up a to-do list with the following suggestions in 2018.

1. Read one book a month for the whole year

It is hard to focus on reading books while you are working because you might be struggling with work. Once you have time to rest, you might prefer anything to reading.
Therefore, when you are a student, at least you have the patience to read a book. Besides, reading a book isn’t only to gain knowledge but also to help you build your own logical thinking. By learning about the achievements that others have made, it can inspire you to develop and innovate our mind. All of a sudden you look up one day and you realise the importance of independent thinking.

2. Make new friends

Expanding your network in a university’s association or community will be beneficial for your life in two aspects as an international student. Firstly, lacking Australian experience and multiple cultural misunderstandings might present additional barriers in life. However, if we try to meet some locals and make friends with them, we can learn more about the Aussie culture. In this way, we can integrate better into the local culture. Since we decided to come here for study, we have to know more about local culture and blend into the local environment. Secondly, potential employers might exist nearby – your network is your biggest resource for the job search!

3. Prepare your resume

Opportunities are there only for someone with good preparation. It is good to know yourself when you are writing a resume. You will have a better understanding of what you need to improve and what you should do. Search your dream job online and read the description, find out the gap between your personal skills and job requirements. After that, correct the gap and enrich your knowledge. When there is a will, there is a way.

Written by: Mandy Fan
Top Education Institute: Social Media Coordinator