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Your ATAR is Just the Beginning of Your Story, Not the End


The results are out! Congratulations, you have finally received your ATAR.

It has no doubt been a long twelve years. The hard work, anxiety, and tense anticipation of high school are all over. But like all things, the end of your secondary education marks a new beginning. And here is some good news: whatever your results, you now have an amazing opportunity to shape the path of this new chapter.

The ATAR is important in the life of any high school student. While your ATAR will tell parents, friends, loved ones and indeed your school that you have done well, or perhaps not as well as you may have wanted, what finally matters is not the ATAR you get, but what you do afterwards. To put it simply, your ATAR is the beginning of your story, and not end.

Think of it this way: what use is a great ATAR if you do not make good choices for your future career path? On the other hand, even if you did not achieve that great ATAR you dreamed about, what stops you from pursuing your dream career path for the future?

Just in case you are missing the point, the message here is simple: the ATAR does not, and need not define your life for the future. It is your reaction to the ATAR that defines your life. In other words, what is not cool is to get lost in the celebration of your great ATAR, or to fall in a deep slumber of depression because of your not-so-good ATAR.

A not-so-good-ATAR (NSG ATAR for short) does not mean you are incapable of further study. Many reasons account for a NSG ATAR. For instance, perhaps you had personal issues in your final year of study; it may just have been a bad year; or maybe you simply dropped the ball and did not study hard enough. Institutions understand this. That is why several institutions offer different opportunities for students after the release of ATAR results.

At the Sydney City School of Law, we understand this, perhaps better than most institutions. We put the student before the ATAR, not the ATAR before the student. In order to admit a student, we conduct an informal interview to help us get to know you as a person. Perhaps more importantly, the informal interview gives you a chance to chat with us to determine your aspirations and help you define your future career path, rather than relying solely on your ATAR to define you.

We firmly believe that each student has a story to tell. The ATAR is only the beginning of your story, not the end. So Carpe Diem! (Seize the Day). Make an appointment to see us to discuss possible study opportunities in law

Professor Sam Blay
Deputy Principal and Professor of Law