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How to Present Soft Skills on Your Resume to Make a Lasting Impression

These days, employers are looking at far more than grades.

Your focus should be on building your skill set; especially those soft skills that make a person a successful professional. Here is a list of some important soft skills you should work on developing and keeping them sharp. Also think of ways you can evidence these skills as you apply for positions.

Participation in Mooting or related activity. Sample of your research and writing; entering/winning essay competitions etc.

Conflict resolution
ADR course, research and participation in negotiation, mediation training. Work experience in this area.

Critical observation
Court reports, evaluation exercises etc.

Examples of problem solving where you have focused on results and held yourself and others accountable. Showing up on time; honoring commitments.

Career changes; taking on new roles and responsibilities; examples where you have found a way; made a way to succeed

Leadership roles in student law society; leading a project; community service, etc. Learn to lead as well by being a good follower. Put up your hand and volunteer to take on roles that must be done.

Problem solving
An example of a problem faced and how you went about resolving it.

Your biography indicating why you want to do law and what drives you to take on legal studies and succeed.

Evidence of successful team building and participation in law school, in the classroom, outside the classroom; in workplace settings.

Time management
Most of our students work full or part time. Several have their own businesses. You are obviously good at time management. Showcase this in your CV.


By Professor Eugene Clark, Former Dean of Sydney City School of Law