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Services and Facilities


In the learning resource centre, students can access computers, a core and reference textbooks and e-books. Our staff are highly trained in information retrieval and analysis, and are available by appointment for assistance and training with information resources.

TOP also provides acquiring a large number of database and eBook resources. Students can access via our website, is complete with subject-specific guides, and pages designed to assist students with every aspect of their learning and professional development. On the home page of our site is our search system, complete with Google-style functionality, giving students instant access, at a click, across the wide range of journal and eBook resources we have available for their research needs.

We have copy and printing available in the Learning Resource Centre for students.
The copy and printing cost is 10 cents for 1 side per page. Double sides copying and printing cost 20 cents per page. Student need to charge the credit to their account before using the services.

TOP provides free on site WIFI service for all students. The service covers all TOP campus areas.

Top Education Institute provides contemporary learning facilities for students. There are fully equipped lecture facilities with audio-visual projection equipment and a computer lab with fast internet access and appropriate software. There are study areas for groups and individuals in addition to teaching rooms. Staff and students may use computers, photocopiers, etc.

We understand that students may need extra help and support to cope with stress or challenges of studying. TOP’s Student Services at our Hobart campus can offer advice and support to help students, to ensure their welfare and wellbeing. Our team can help students adjust to their new environment, deal effectively with difficult personal situations and advocate on behalf of students. Our team at the Hobart campus also has connections with LIFE SUPPORTS, which is a leading network of counsellors and psychologists who provide professional, evidence-based counselling services. We are able to refer students to meet or talk to counsellors or psychologists from LIFE SUPPORTS.

In the case of a serious illness or injury occurring on campus, please report the incident to the Student Services Office. A first aid kit is available in the Student Services office.

TOP offers all new students orientation program which allows students to get familiar with the services, support, facilities and amenities in and around the campus. The orientation program also contains important information about student VISA requirements and living in Australia for international students.

The program will offer new students a great opportunity to know more about TOP and to gain information about where they can find support if needed. All new students, both domestic and international students are required to attend orientation program.
Apart from the orientation program, TOP’s Student Services team also offers in-classroom presentations for new students. This will give the students a chance to ask any questions they may have and Student Services can talk about the services and support that is available as well as some important information about student VISAs, safety issues, and much more.