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Services and Facilities


All higher education students in Australia must formally enrol in their course, either electronically or by submitting an enrolment form. At TOP, enrolment is conducted each semester in the week before classes commence. Assistance is given throughout the process to ensure each student is successfully enrolled. Enrolment is an opportunity to meet academic administrative staff and managers from TOP and to resolve any queries or concerns.

Social activities run throughout each semester and provide opportunities for students to enjoy a range of activities outside of class time. This is organised by the Student Services department. These types of activities create a great opportunity for students to mingle with students from other programs, share experiences, and make life-long friends.

Continuing study assistance is provided by specially trained staff on an individual or group basis in the form of tutorials, workshops, learning groups and consultations, as well as other resources available via the library or online. Our extensive Academic support program aims to enhance academic performance by assisting students with a range of skills, such as note-taking, referencing, essay and report writing, paraphrasing, grammar, oral presentations, researching, time management and exam preparation. For more information, please see our Academic English Support page HERE.

Top Education Student Services provides a free and confidential counselling service. Our counsellor can help students adjust to their new environment, deal effectively with difficult personal situations and advocate on behalf of students. If students need external counselling services, TOP Student Services can connect you with LIFE SUPPORTS, and is able to refer students to meet counsellors or psychologists. LIFE SUPPORTS is a leading network of counsellors and psychologists, that provide professional, evidence-based counselling services in Sydney. Life Supports:

Top Education provides contemporary learning facilities for students. There are fully equipped lecture facilities with audio-visual projection equipment, small sized tutorial rooms and fully equipped computer laboratories with fast internet access and appropriate software. There are study areas for groups and individuals in addition to teaching rooms. Staff and students may use computers, photocopiers, television and video/DVD players, digital cameras, scanners and audio-visual projectors to facilitate successful teaching and learning.

Students have access to library, photocopying, printing and email services. The TOP Library collection includes books, journals, audio-visual materials as well as other resources and provides workspace for students. Students undertaking the LLB also have free access to the nearby Fisher Library at the University of Sydney. Online training is available on the internet and research skills.

Students at our South Eveleigh campus enjoy spacious common areas indoor and outdoor, including cafes, parks and open spaces. Sport facilities such as the tennis and basketball courts are free to use.

There is a First Aid Kit available within the Student Services Department, Level 1 Bay 16. TOP staff responds immediately to requests for first aid assistance.

International Students

New students arriving from overseas can be met at Sydney International Airport by Top Education friendly staff or senior students and are transferred by car or bus to their prearranged accommodation. Students are then assisted with basic needs, such as changing money, telephoning home, buying food and any other items. Students are required to make a request for airport pick-up at least two weeks prior to arrival (conditions and charges apply). Contact our admissions staff via email for details at

TOP offers all new students orientation program which allows students to get familiar with the services, support, facilities and amenities in and around the campus. The orientation program also contains important information about student VISA requirements and living in Australia for international students.

The program will offer new students a great opportunity to know more about TOP and to gain information about where they can find support if needed. All new students, both domestic and international students are required to attend orientation program.
Apart from the orientation program, TOP’s Student Services team also offers in-classroom presentations for new students. This will give the students a chance to ask any questions they may have and Student Services can talk about the services and support that is available as well as some important information about student VISAs, safety issues, and much more.