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Mission Statement


Top Education Institute, through its two professional schools, the Sydney City School of Business and Sydney City School of Law, is committed to providing quality higher education in international business and law studies leading to careers in law, accounting, business, and other professional areas in the public and private, domestic and international sectors. 

We seek to equip all students with a solid, comprehensive knowledge base on which they can receive advanced, systematic training in their respective disciplines, and are encouraged to exercise individual freedom of intellectual thought and curiosity. 

By encouraging independent, critical thought and the development of strong research skills, we prepare our students for success in their chosen careers or postgraduate fields of study. Through professional internships, TOP students apply their academic training and further develop teamwork and leadership capabilities. Our curriculum, integrating classroom learning, interaction with practicing industry specialists and leaders, and work placement opportunities, adopts an international perspective and emphasises particular knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region that is now increasingly important to all of our students.

Situated in the Australia Technology Park (Australia’s Silicon Valley) we have a special focus on inculcating values that promote innovation and commitment to find and make a better way. 

Moreover, it is the Institute’s mission to cultivate in its students a sense of social responsibility and service to the global community. In other words, a commitment to preserve our heritage and build on the best of the past, while improving our lives in the present and enabling a better tomorrow for generations to come.

The motto of TOP is "Capability, Integrity, Responsibility and A Winning Alliance", which highlights the spirit of TOP's mission and its character as a Higher Education Institute.