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Chinese Research Collections

TOP has a proven relationship and commitment to scholarship with Chinese Universities, with an increasing number of Chinese students undergoing TOP's degree programs. Our Chinese Research Collections publication aims to showcase this expanding research and scholarly relationship.


Chinese Research Collections Vol. 1, 2016 (PDF)


Preface (Vol. 1, 2016, Ed. Professor Brian Gibson, Dr Xin Yi)

It has long been argued that the twenty first century would be an “Asian” and that has been proven correct. The ongoing rise to global significance of China is now augmented by that of India during a period when the previously dominant Japan has slipped back in economic significance. Add to that the role of Singapore that is well in advance of its size, that of Malaysia and its significance in the Islamic world, and the continued rise of Vietnam, and it is easy to recognise that a focus on the Asian region is of increasing importance to nations and organisations around the world.

TOP Education Institute has recognised this for some time. Indeed, that recognition has been there from the start of TOP’s operations, given its strong connections with leading Chinese universities and officials, and the increasing numbers of students from China who are performing so well in TOP’s degree programs.

For that reason, as TOP follows its own strategic development goals and moves towards the realisation of university status, the role of research in the Institute has become more prominent. In developing a research culture, TOP has therefore deliberately focused on the targeted development of expertise in Chinese affairs, and will continue to do so. A dedicated Chines Studies Centre is being established to host and encourage all such research, joint research projects are being developed with Chinese institutions and scholars, and this research at TOP is being funded substantially so as to guarantee that the work is both of high quality and of significance.

As this initial collection of research studies demonstrates, the range of work being done at TOP is already substantial and covers a wide range of fields in business, law, economics, finance, international affairs and more.The collection also demonstrates that the teaching being done in the degree programs at TOP has a strong foundation and location in a meaningful body of research, the hallmark of excellent university teaching.

TOP will continue to develop that research-teaching nexus in order to ensure that its students enjoy the best possible learning and teaching environment.That will be supported by the funding of targeted research projects,encouragement of staff to undertake research in critical areas of the Chinese story, by the creation of more joint research projects, and the facilitation of research publications and other forms of dissemination.

In all that, the focus will continue to be on China and all the facets of its development and impact on global affairs. It is envisaged that this work will not only feed back into teaching but also into TOP’s interactions with business,policy, trade and engagement from an Australian perspective.These research initiatives mark out TOP, again, as amongst the most progressive of private higher education providers in Australia and as one of the most committed to providing comprehensive and high quality services to both its students and to its public audiences in Australia and elsewhere.We look forward to the appearance of further publications like this, but for now celebrate the appearance of this first effort.

Brian Stoddart
Emeritus Professor
Chair, TOP Education Institute Council