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Accounting Professional Year Program

Accounting Professional Year Program



What is Accounting PYP?

Accounting Professional Year Program was developed by CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and the Institute of Public Accountants, and approved by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), which may grant 5 migration points to Accounting PYP graduates.

TOP is an approved provider for Accounting PYP and it offers the unique combination of qualified trainers with real world business experience, and the highly focused classroom-based workplace readiness skills designed to prepare you for your professional life in Australia.

  • An opportunity to undertake a work placement at a range of leading organisations, including ASX and HKEX listed companies, and professional services firms.
  • An opportunity to join CareerFit (Student Career Development Program).
  • Extra learning and support in form of guest lectures and problem-solving seminars.
  • Optional sessions on IELTS/PTE test strategies, including hints and preparation tips.

  • Completed one or more Accounting related degrees as a result of at least two years* full time study in Australia
  • Have a current Academic or General IELTS score of 6.0 in each band, or PTE score of 50 in each band, or the equivalent score from TOEFL, iBIT or Cambridge Advanced English
  • Hold a 485 visa (or other appropriate visa) with a validity of at least 12 months
  • Have a positive skills assessment from one of the Professional Accounting Bodies
  • Undertake a pre-enrolment interview with the authorised Provider to ensure course suitability and viability


  • * Two Academic Years is defined as being at least 92 weeks according to the CRICOS registration of full time study
  • If a participant is on a student visa they must have completed their principal of study prior to commencing the Program, provide evidence of having applied for a 485 visa or bridging visa, must still have a valid IELTS score of 6 in each band (or equivalent in other accepted English language tests) and have a completed skills assessment in order to be accepted into the Accounting PYP.
  • Participants enrolling on a student or bridging visa must have been granted a 485 Temporary Graduate visa by the end of their Program.
  • Please note that participants who already have permanent residency or applicants on other visas which have full work and study.


TOP’s Accounting PYP is a full-time course which is delivered over a period of 44 weeks and should be completed within 52 weeks. This includes a face-to-face component of 32 weeks and an internship at the end of the face-to-face delivery that runs over 12 weeks.

Part 1. 32 weeks of coursework
Module 1: Australian Workplace Context Module 5: Professional and Workplace Standards
Module 2: Professional Practice and Decision Making Module 6: The Regulated Environment
Module 3: Workplace Influence and Team Development Module 7: Job Search and Career Skills in Practice
Module 4: Individual and Group Commitment Module 8: Interview and Communication Skills for Success
Part 2. 12 weeks of internship

A supervised internship placement of no less than 240 hours in an accounting field relevant to the participant’s skillset and qualifications will be organised and managed by us.

TOP’s specialist internship team which is devoted to arranging placements will coordinate with leading organisations to ensure that each participant is placed in an industry that matches their field of study and ambitions.

Participants are not required to source their own internship; however, existing employment may be acceptable if deemed suitable by us. We will be providing professional services including the supervising and the monitoring of your internship to ensure that your position and employment company meet the criteria and requirements to complete the Accounting PYP.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) requires participants to attend 100% of classes. Therefore, there is no allowance for leave during the Accounting PYP other than our planned breaks and any scheduled public holidays.


We understand that the internship is the most exciting part of the program and we coordinate with a number of large industry leading companies to ensure that the participants are placed in the right host company. The range of the host companies includes ASX listed company, HKEX listed company and “Big Four” accounting firms, such as PwC Australia, Pilot Energy Limited, Nepean River Dairy Pty Ltd, Macrolink & Landream Australia Land Pty Ltd and China Unicom (Australia) Operations Pty Ltd etc. In order to meet different needs of the participants, we provide two programs for participants to choose from. There is always a suitable one for you.


In this program, you will be learning our outstanding face-to-face coursework which is designed from an employer perspective and it gives you an advantage in a competitive job market. You will also be trained by our experts who have extensive training experience.

Also, our professional internship placement will provide you with opportunities to apply your in-class learning in the real-world, acquire new skills and grow your industry network.

We ensure that each host company will have the best knowledge to assist you to achieve your career goal.


In addition to the coursework learning and the internship placement in the Standard Program, the participants who select this advanced program can join a series of professional seminars delivered by the experts fromone of the “Big Four” accounting firms to learn the employability skills specific to these companies.

Also, our professional internship placement will provide you with opportunities to apply your in-class learning in the real-world, acquire new skills and grow your industry network.

Why choose the Advanced Program?

This tailored program gives you extra learning and support in form of guest lectures and seminars that you cannot obtain from other accounting professional year programs.

A unique series of Guest Lectures

The experts from the “Big Four” accounting firms will be invited to TOP to expose you to real-world life experiences of the “Big Four” from the context of the workplace, and you get to experience the insights and perspective of a guest speaker who is an expert in the field of accounting/taxation/auditing. You will also learn and understand which workplace skills are required for the “Big Four” employees.

Guest Lecture one: Data Analytics, week 10 of the coursework, 2 hours

We understand the importance of data analytics skills in today’s business world. The learning objectives of this seminar are to help participants learn the value of data aggregation, the importance of domain knowledge in applied analytics and communicating analytics outcomes.

Guest Lecture two: The Dark Side of Leadership, week 20 of the coursework, 2 hours

The learning objective is for students to understand what destructive leadership is and what the impacts of it may be in the real world, focus on the challenges and impacts of destructive leadership.

Problem-solving Seminar

Participants always encounter a lot of difficulties during their internship section of the program due to lack of experience.

This additional 3-hour problem-solving seminar will be held in week 5 of the internship (week 37 of the program) and it allows you to sit together with other interns to share the internship experience and any problems.


To apply to TOP’s Accounting Professional Year Program please download an application form HERE(PDF 343KB) and return it to

After you lodge your application, our admissions team will send you a letter of offer if you have met all relevant entry criteria. If you need any advice on enquiring about the program or simply have a few general questions, you can speak with a member of staff on 9209 4888, or email

Refund Policy

Please download HERE(PDF 598.2KB) for Refund Policy.

Student Handbook

Please download HERE  (PDF 3.3MB) for student handbook.

Internship Placement Policy

Please download HERE (PDF 410.2KB) for Internship Placement Policy.

Expectations, Rights and Responsibilities of Participants Policy

Please download HERE (PDF 217KB) for Expectations, Rights and Responsibilities of Participants Policy.

Privacy Policy

Please download HERE(PDF 212.6KB) for Privacy Policy.


Q1. What are the benefits of studying the AccountingProfessional Year Program (PYP)?

  • Learn about the “business ready” skills in the Australian job market and enhance your employability
  • Gain work experience in an Australian organisation
  • Gain a competitive edge over other international graduates because of the additional knowledge and skills gained from the coursework and additional experience gained from the internship
  • Create professional network
  • Potentially to receive five extra points on the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) ‘points test’ when applying for a Skilled Independent visa.

Q2. Can I take leave during the program?

  • There is no allowance for leave during the accounting PYP other than our planned breaks and any public holidays already scheduled
  • Participants requiring emergency leave should make an application to us and applications will be assessed on a case by case basis
  • Any breaks taken may result in delaying your graduation

Q3. Do I need to source my own internship?

TOP will be sourcing an internship for each participant; therefore, you do not need to source your own internship. However, you may use your current employment as your internship, TOP will deem if the position and the company are suitable.

Q4. When can I enrol in TOP’s Accounting PYP?

TOP is accepting new enrolments all year round and new classes are scheduled to start every month.


Top Education has extensive experience in arranging internships, and many of our students obtained internships through TOP’s Career Edge Program and eventually received a job offer.

Alice Ge Working at The Fresh Connection | Master of Professional Accounting and Business

I was selected for a work placement opportunity through TOP’s program, a place where all accounting graduates are eager to work at. I had a better understanding of the working procedures and culture of a big Australian organisation.

More importantly, I made some good friends and business contacts. I am grateful to TOP that I gained more than what I expected.

Tom Millet Working at PwC Australia | Master of Professional Accounting and Business

I had the opportunity to work on various tasks on very different companies. This work placement was a great experience as it gave me the opportunity to meet many interesting and insightful people. The opportunity to grow seems almost limitless as long as you bring the focus, interest and energy necessary.

Shawn Wang Working at KPMG China | Master of Professional Accounting and Business

I was very lucky to be admitted into a work experience opportunity through TOP’s work placement program. I would not be able to get such a wonderful work opportunity without the platform and career training I received from TOP and it is due to the working experience that I received a full-time position at KPMG China, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms.

Zoe Jiang Working at Ultimo Digital Technologies | Master of Professional Accounting

It was a valuable experience to understand foreign working culture in a placement which I accessed via TOP’s Career Edge program.

At the beginning, I became familiar with the working procedures via interactions with colleagues. I was able to handle important tasks with the knowledge and skills gained from different stages of the work placement.

At the end of my placement, I received a full-time offer of employment from another company and embarked on my career journey in Australia.