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Student Policies and Procedures

The following are Top Education Institute's policies and procedures relating to TOP's students:

Assessment and Policy Procedure (Coursework) (PDF 240.7KB)

Conferring Posthumous Awards Policy (PDF)

Copyright Guidelines (PDF)

Code of Conduct for Students (PDF 659.7KB)

Examination Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Examination Supervision Policy (PDF)

Explanation of Block Credit Transfer (PDF)

Fees and Charges Policy 2017 (PDF)

Group Assessment Guidelines (PDF)

International Students Enrolment Amendments and Variations Guideline (PDF)

Minimum Facilities for Postgraduate Research Students Policy (PDF)

Moderation Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Fees and Charges Policy (PDF)

Refund Policy (PDF)

Recognition of Prior Learning_RPL Policy (PDF)

Research Higher Degree Confirmation of Candidature and Progression Review Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Research Higher Degree Registration and Roles of Supervisors Policy (PDF)

Research Higher Degree Assessment and Appeals Policy (PDF)

Research Higher Degree Admissions and Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) Policy (PDF)

Statement of Tuition Assurance (PDF)

Staff Student Relationships Policy (PDF 166.1KB)

Student Academic Integrity Policy (PDF)

Student Consultation Policy (PDF)

Student Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure (PDF 357.8KB)

Student Progression Exclusion and Graduation Policy (PDF)

Student Selection and Admissions Policy (PDF)

Student Study Load Policy (PDF)

Student Transfer Between Providers (PDF)

Study Abroad and Overseas Exchange Policy (PDF 457KB)