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Student Services


For the length of your degree, Student Services are here to support you and your study, offering a number of support services to guide you during your time here at TOP. This can include career development services, helping you get involved with social activities and dealing with any grievance issues you may have.

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Student ID Card

All new students need to collect their student ID card from the Student Services Office located on Level 1, Bay 16. All students will need their Student ID for all examinations. You can also top-up your student ID card at the IT Office and use it to print.  

Concession Cards

Concession card application forms are now available for full-time students enrolled in at least 3 units per semester. If you are a full-time domestic student and you would like to request this form, please download this form, fill out your details and return to Student Services, Bay 16.

Student Feedback

At the end of each semester, every student is asked to rank their teachers, tutors and units. This is a confidential survey. All students are able to have individual consultations with student services to talk about any challenges or difficulties you currently face. If you don't want to speak to our staff, you can always let a student representative know. As students, they understand other students and will reflect issues to TOP.

Complaints and Grievances

TOP wants its students to enjoy their time while studying at the Institute. You have the right to report problems, concerns or grievances regarding any aspect of your education or other related activities, which are within the control of TOP and its management staff. TOP will attend to your complaint and ensure that your concerns are addressed appropriately and as quickly as possible.

Safety and Wellbeing

TOP is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy, friendly and collaborative environment for all students. You can find assistance via the TOP student support team, online resources, workshops and professional bodies. For more information on student safety and wellbeing please click here

Student Field Trips

TOP Student Services are always finding ways to enhance student experiences and make your time here at TOP memorable. Throughout the year we organise field trips. These trips not only provides you with a social environment, a fun atmosphere and a chance to meet different classmates, it also gives you the chance to explore some of Sydney’s landmarks.

Previous Student Field trips have included:
Government House
Cockatoo Island
Elizabeth Bay House
Quarantine Station, Manly

gov-house cockatoo-is elizabeth-bay qstation
Government House, Sydney  Cockatoo Island  Elizabeth Bay House  Q Station, Manly 
gov-house-2 cq arthur qstation-2
Government House, Sydney  Circular Quay  Arthur McElhone Reserve  Q Station, Manly