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Student Services

For the length of your degree, Student Services are here to support you and your study. We offer several support services to guide you during your time here at TOP. This can include career development services, applying for scholarships, resume workshops, social activities and student feedback. We also organize social activities for all students during the year. This enables students to get involved in a social atmosphere while meeting new students.


Student ID Card

All new students need to collect their student ID card from the Student Services Office located on Level 1, Bay 16. All students will always be required to have their Student ID card on them while attending TOP classes. You can also top-up your student ID card at the IT Office and use it to print. Please ensure you pick up your Student ID card as soon as possible as it is also used to take class attendance.



Concession Cards

Concession card application forms are now available for full-time students enrolled in at least 3 units per semester. If you are a full-time domestic student and you would like to request this form, please download this form, fill out your details and return to Student Services, Bay 16.

Student Feedback

At the end of each semester, every student is asked to rank their teachers, tutors and units. This is a confidential survey. All students can have individual consultations with student services to talk about any challenges or difficulties you currently face. If you don't want to speak to our staff, you can always let a student representative know.



Complaints and Grievances

TOP wants its students to enjoy their time while studying at the Institute. You have the right to report problems, concerns or grievances regarding any aspect of your education or other related activities, which are within the control of TOP and its management staff. TOP will attend to your complaint and ensure that your concerns are addressed appropriately and as quickly as possible.

Student Field Trips:

At TOP, we are always finding ways to enhance student experiences and make your time here at TOP memorable. Throughout the year we organize student field trips. These trips not only provide you with a social environment, a fun atmosphere and a chance to meet different classmates, it also gives you the chance to explore some of Sydney’s fantastic landmarks.

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We also offer students a wide range of events, including several cultural events and exchanges, sightseeing, and social activities throughout the year. Information on social activities will be sent to students via a regular Student Newsletter, and information will also be shared via Moodle announcements.

Social Activities:





Academic Service Activities:

The Student Services department also liaises with lecturers from both the School of Business and School of Law to arrange academic-related activities. This could be related to a certain topic you are studying and is organised through the unit coordinator. Below are some of the activities that our students have been involved in.

  • LexisNexis Book Display
  • NSW Parliament House Tour
  • Downing Centre Tour
  • Supreme Court
  • Opal Excursion (link to booklet)

Student Support:

Student Services understand that being an International student in a foreign country away from home can be difficult. We are here to help make you adjust as easily as possible. Our door is always open, and you can talk to us about anything. Below is some information that we have put together to help you adjust! 




Resume Writing

Resume Writing If you are planning to apply for a work placement or if you are applying for a new job, student services are able to help you go through your resume to check you have the best possible chance!

You can get more information about careers through TOP's Career Edge

Orientation program and in class-room orientation presentations

TOP offers all new students an online orientation program (via Moodle access) which allows students to get familiar with the services, support, facilities and amenities in and around the campus. The online orientation program also contains important information about student VISA requirements and living in Australia for international students.

The program will offer new students a great opportunity to know more about TOP and to gain information about where they can find support if needed. All new students, both domestic and international students are required to complete this compulsory online orientation program before the commencement of their first semester at TOP.

Apart from the online program, TOP’s Student Services team also offers in-classroom presentations for new students. This will give the students a chance to ask any questions they may have and Student Services can talk about the services and support that is available as well as some important information about student VISAs, safety issues, and much more.