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International Scholarships

International Excellence Scholarship (Law/Business)

International Excellence Scholarship

* Duration: minimum length of course. 
* Value: $1,000 - $5,000 p.a.

Scholarship Description
Awarded to recognise academic excellence and provide financial assistance for international students. These scholarships are country-specific and will be awarded progressively throughout the year to future applicants.
The Award is available to all Law applicants and to undergraduate Business applicants. 

Course Area: Law/Business 

- Citizenship of a country other than Australia or New Zealand.
- Achieve a minimum 80% result in a recognised overseas qualification.
- Apply for a program longer than two semesters in duration.
- International students must have scored the minimum required IELTS score for their course (or its equivalent). 
- Refer to the Conditions for Scholarship Awards for further information on the eligibility criteria. 

Enrolment Type: Full-time student

Student Type: International students only

Selection Process: Non-guaranteed entry