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We are pleased to announce that the Sydney City School of Business will now be operating under a new name: Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC). This name change is an important part of a larger strategy to redirect the School in a way that aligns with future models of education that incorporate innovation and new technologies into learning and teaching that is integrated within a smart campus model.   Read more >

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Advance HE workshops 2019


Two and a half-days of workshops for TOP's senior teaching staff and academic leaders were presented by Doug Parkin from Advance HE (UK) on 26-28 February 2019. The workshops covered Leadership in Learning and Teaching, Senior Academic Leadership and the Higher Education Academy Fellowship program. The workshops were informative and engaging as reflected in the smiles all round from a group of attendees showing their completion certificates.


Doug Parkin

Principal Adviser for Leadership and Management, Advance HE

With the special gift from Dr Minshen Zhu, Principal of Top Education Institute


"The Senior Leadership Program presented us with some new perspectives on leading in an academic environment. I'm glad I attended and got to benefit from Doug Parkin's (Advance HE) wide knowledge and experience"

-Prof. Peter Eddey 


"The workshop was very valuable for giving me a clear understanding of how good leadership requires you to understand and appreciate the perspective of all members of the team. It also helped me understand that plans and objectives are much more likely to be achieved when there has been genuine involvement and buy-in from all levels of the organisation."

- Prof. Jim Psaros

"All sessions were extremely well facilitated and allowed me time to reflect on both the challenges as well as the opportunities for teaching and scholarship within the Higher Education environment. In the "Leading Transformation in Learning and Teaching" session the interaction with my fellow academics in a supportive and structured environment enabled me to further develop valuable insights into student/lecturer engagement as well as identifying new and innovative approaches to teaching. The "Senior Leadership Program" also enabled me to participate in strategic planning discussions regarding the future of TOP Education, and this proved valuable from a personal perspective. The 3-day event was extremely worthwhile and both professionally and personally rewarding."

- Dr David Rosenbaum
"The Advanced HE workshops assisted me in identifying my strengths, weaknesses and levels of expertise in different areas of professional practice. I now have a better idea how to reflect on my past practice in approaches to learning and teaching, design of curriculums or staff support, and provide sufficient evidence to satisfy the requirements of one of the four different categories of AHE Fellowship."

-Dr Barbara Gligorijevic 
"A good balance of theory and practice. The workshop gave me tools to improve my personal vision for leadership and helped me to understand leadership values and goals."

-Dr Hamin Hamin 

"An inspirational programme about leadership in an academic context. The emphasis was on creating an environment where others can flourish and succeed."

-Kathleen McDonnell