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Prize Night 2017


 As the 1963 Four Seasons song goes, 'Oh What a Night!'  

Congratulations to those who received prizes for topping their subjects.  Academic excellence is at the core of what we do and you have led the way.

Congratulations as well to those who achieved leadership awards for their contributions outside the classroom as well--Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Community Service and Social Media.

The theme for the night was partnerships/community. This includes partnerships between administration and faculty; the school and our students, students and their peers, the school and the professions, the law school community and publishers, and on it goes.  As the school and our community grows, the network will both widen and strengthen as the Sydney City School of Law and all who comprise our community, play their part in making a positive difference in the world.

Thank you to PwC, Lexis Nexis, Wolters Kluwer-CCH, Thomson-Reuters, Cambridge University Press, Federation Press and Oxfod University Press who donated generous prizes. A big thankyou to all staff of the Top Education Institute team who worked so hard to ensure the success of our Awards Night. 


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