New Brand Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Sydney City School of Business will now be operating under a new name: Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC). This name change is an important part of a larger strategy to redirect the School in a way that aligns with future models of education that incorporate innovation and new technologies into learning and teaching that is integrated within a smart campus model.   Read more >

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Postgraduate Unit Information

TACC401 Principles of Accounting

TACC403 Accounting Information Systems

TACC406 Accounting Theory and Applications

TACC505 Corporate Accounting

TACC507 Managerial Accounting 

TACC602 Accounting for Business

TACC608 Auditing and Assurance Services

TACC609 Forensic Accounting

TACC610 Risk Assessment and Management

TACC612 Business Valuation

TBUS600 International Trade and Investment

TBUS620 Integrated Capstone Project

TBUS600 MPR Capstone Project (MM&PR)

TECO401 Principles of Economics

TECO602 Economic Environment of Business

TFIN602 International Finance

TFIN501 Corporate Finance

TFIN601 Business Finance

TLAW401 Business Law

TLAW402 Company Law

TLAW603 Taxation Law and Practice

TLAW604 Current Issues in Taxation

TLAW605 Business and Personal Tax Planning

TLAW606 International Taxation

TLGS601 Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management

TMGT610 International Human Resource Management

TMGT501 Cross Cultural Management (this unit has been ceased in 2019)

TMGT611 International Management: Managing MNEs

TMGT503 Issues and Crisis Management

TMGT600 Human Resource Management

TMGT606 Applied Business Consulting

TMGT601 Strategic Management Theory and Practice (MPAB) 

TMGT601 Strategic Management Theory and Practice (MBA)

TMGT602 Individual, Group and Organisational Behaviour

TMGT603 Leadership and Ethical Behaviour

TMGT604 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

TMGT605 Global Business Environment

TMGT607 Business Consulting Project

TMKT603 International Marketing Management

TMKT601 Marketing Management

TMKT604 Integrated Marketing Communications

TPRS401 Public Relations Theories and Applications

TPRS402 Public Relations Management: Processes, Strategies and Tactics

TPRS503 Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

TPRS504 Corporate Communication and Public Relations

TSTA401 Quantitative Methods for Accounting and Finance

TSTA601 Business Research Methods