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VR Technology

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Top Education Institute (TOP), with the assistance of PwC Australia, have developed an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) Program to help students understand different accounting concepts. At TOP, we know the importance of student-teacher engagement, but we think that VR is a really exciting technology to help to further embed learning, in a more interactive and fun way. We aim to be at the forefront of learning technology, giving our students every opportunity to learn in new and exciting ways. 

This innovative teaching method helps students at TOP to learn part of the content of Principles of Accounting in four modules, from basic right through to advanced concepts. Students are able to, from the comfort of their chair in the classroom, move in to a virtual store and apply these accounting principles in a “real life” situation

Students that have already experienced this Virtual Reality Program have agreed that it enhances their learning and understanding, and helps them grasp new concepts easily. It also encourages them to come to class more often!

The VR program includes four sections:

1. The introduction module illustrates the nature of accounting and its main functions. It also explains the roles of accountants in public accounting and commercial accounting.

2. In the Balance Sheet module, students are placed in a real-world café business scenario. Through the operation of the VR headset, they learn basic book keeping and how to classify the components in a Balance Sheet.

3. In the accrual module, the experience educates students about the differences between Cash Basis and Accrual Basis Accounting.

4. In the Debit and Credit module, students play a learning game involving a sushi train, to help understand debit and credit accounting rules.


Available now for Android, iPhone and iPad.

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