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Bachelor of Laws

Program Overview

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at TOP

UAC Code: 580100
CRICOS Code: 087704D

Like many Universities, such as University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and University of New South Wales, our law program is fully accredited. This accreditation includes approval from the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the NSW Legal Practice Admissions Board.

The Sydney City School of Law’s program is of the required duration and covers 11 areas of law and procedure commonly known as the Priestley 11. These are contained in Schedule 1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules[1], and form the basic content for what is required for admission to legal practice in Australia.

[1] The Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015 also specify that the academic requirement for admission includes completing an academic course for the equivalent of at least three years’ full-time study of law.

A clear path to a range of career options when you study for a LLB in Sydney

Students graduating with a Sydney City School of Law's Degree and seeking to enter legal practice will be on track to undertake the Practical Legal Training (PLT) course required before applying for admission to practice. Alternatively, graduates will be able to use the valuable research, analytical, communication, negotiation, and other skills learned in their law course to embark on a host of other careers. Indeed, a law degree is one of the best preparations for many roles in our increasingly complex, inter-related and law-bound society, including jobs of the future that have not yet been created. 

Internationally focused Bachelor of Laws program

The Sydney City School of Law’s program includes professors with extensive international experience. We offer electives that focus on such areas as international trade, public international law, and international finance, accounting and business. Our courses take a global view and enable students to study law in an international setting. Our courses are designed to be as practical, relevant, timely and current as possible.

Our students will be part of an international network that will equip them to use their law degree in what has become an increasingly global and international work environment.

Course Description

This program provides students with a course of studies leading to the award of a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree. The degree is designed to equip students with the intellectual, critical and practical skills needed for success in the practice of law.

In addition to core subjects, the program offers an extensive range of elective subjects and extra-curricular activities, including international exchange and internship opportunities, enabling students to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired in the academic environment.

Upon completion, students can enrol in another institution for the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, and apply to the Legal Profession Admission Board for admission as solicitors.


4 years full time (8 semesters, 2 semesters per year)