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Degree Structure and Course Progression


Degree Structure

To complete the degree, students need to study 16 core units worth a total of 96 units of credit (UOC), plus 16 elective units worth 96 UOC.

The 16 core units include the ‘Priestley 11’ and units required for practice and registration in NSW. The 16 electives are grouped into 3 areas of study:

international  International
The International range of electives enable TOP students to gain a comprehensive international and comparative understanding of legal issues. A sound background in international trade, international arbitration and public international law enhances the more traditional areas of law units and gives TOP students an advantage in corporate commercial practice in an increasingly internationalised market environment.
trade-commerce Trade and commerce
Trade and commerce options/electives allow TOP students to be more specialised in the area of trade and commerce and ensure a higher degree of marketability.
 accounting-business Accounting and business
The Accounting and Business options allow TOP to develop more effective synergies with its business and accounting courses. Students choose non-law options from the accounting and business bank of electives.

Fully Accredited Degree

The program of Sydney City School of Law is fully accredited by the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the NSW Legal Practice Admissions Board.

Course Progression

* Note: Each unit (core and elective) is worth 6 UOC

   AUTUMN SPRING Units of Credit (UOC)
Year 1 

Total UOC: 24

Total UOC: 24

Year 2

Total UOC: 24

Total UOC: 24

Year 3

Total UOC: 24

Total UOC: 24

Year 4           

Total UOC: 24

  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective

Total UOC: 24




*** Exit LLB exit with Practical Legal Training option in another institution


  • TLE0017 The Chinese Legal System 
  • TLE0018 Taxation Law 
  • TLE0019 Environmental Law 
  • TLE0020 Public International Law 
  • TLE0021 Banking Law 
  • TLE0022 Cyber Law 
  • TLE0023 Health Law 
  • TLE0024 Labour Law 
  • TLE0025 Commercial Dispute Resolution 
  • TLE0026 International Commercial Arbitration 
  • TLE0027 Financial Services Law 
  • TLE0028 Refugee Law and Practice 
  • TLE0029 Supervised Research Project 
  • TLE0030 Chinese Commercial Law 
  • TLE0031 Investment Law in South East Asia 
  • TLE0032 Sports Law 
  • TLE0033  Anti-Discrimination 
  • TLE0034 World Trade Organisation Law 
  • TLE0035 Comparative Asian corporate law 
  • TLE0036 Human Rights Law 
  • TLE0037 Competition Law
  • TLE0038 Child Welfare Law
  • TLE0039 Disabled People’s Rights and the Law 
  • TLE0040Media and Communications Law 
  • TLE0041 Family Law 
  • TLE0042 Intellectual Property